You already read on the platform what the Welcome E-mail is and which service it provides. Following, you will find out how to set it up, how to customize it, and how to activate its delivery in both ways, automatic and manual.


Your working area is the following: Home Q-box – “Marketing” –  “Welcome email” in the menu on the left

Image 1

Click on the "Activate the Welcome E-mail service now" button at the bottom of the page. And see on the following Image 2 how it will look

Image 2

By clicking on ‘Welcome E-mail template” (circled in blue), you will get to the section where you will be able to preview the ‘Welcome E-mail’ Newsletter (as it actually is, a ‘newsletter’), check and modify texts and photos, as well as validate the document as ready to be sent.

Image 3

As you can see, the Welcome E-mail is already available in two languages: Italian and English. Any changes that you make to the content in one of two languages, you will have to replicate also in the other language. Later we will also see how to add more languages.

  • ‘Preview’ button (green arrow): allows to preview the whole document, including texts, layout and photos such as we created it for you
  • "Edit line" button (red arrow): allows to change the subject of the Welcome E-mail. Currently it is "{{ClientName}} we are looking forward to welcoming you". You need to keep in mind that everything that, in Qualitando, you find within {{}} is a code that allows you either to customize communications or entering information that Qualitando automatically finds somewhere else. If you like to customize communications, do not change the codes within {{}}
  • "Editor" button (blue arrow): opens the program which allows you to edit the document. Here you can make any changes you need to make/do. You just need a bit of practice with the plugin, but by clicking each document's content and working on the menu on the right, and with practicing, you will see that everything is possible: editing photos, icons and texts, inserting hyperlinks for direct links to your site. By clicking on the "Editor" button, as we already mentioned, you will open the document, as in image 4:

Image 4

Why some parts are highlighted in yellow (black arrow)?: The texts have been written by a Qualitando expert, and we would like to draw your attention to the parts/portions that need your particular control or approval. This is the reason for the highlighting. Or they need you to insert a bit of missing information. After you will have verified and/or edited, then, select the highlighted text, and a tiny menu will open from which you can delete the yellow background.

Does the "Click Here" (red arrow) work? As we repeatedly suggested, by filling out all the required information, including your business address and telephone number in Home Q-Box – menu on the left, "Configure" section under the "Settings" section –– then, the link to Google Maps is already available, as well as the customization of all the fields at the bottom of the newsletter marked by {{}}. If you are not sure of it, have a look in that section ... :-), so everything will be optimized to the best!

You can delete or add boxes as you like. When done, do not forget to "Save". In case you made mistakes and did not know how to go back, just leave without saving and, by re-entering, you will find the original template

By clicking the “Save” button, the screen will look as below, in image 5,

Image 5

Any task/operation you want to accomplish/perform – such as manually sending to a list of customers of whom you will upload data on your platform or activate a sending automaton – be aware that nothing will work until you have sent a test submission to yourself and have confirmed to Qualitando that "Yes, the text is ready to be sent" (green circle on the above image)


So far, we talked about the document being in Italian and in English. In case you have clients who speak other languages, it would really pretty good thing to create templates in other languages. Suppose you want to create the German version:

You are in

  • Marketing
  • In the Menu on the left, you clicked on “Welcome E-mail”
  • In the middle of the page you clicked on “Template Welcome E-mail” 
  • Menu on the left, go on “Prepare”
  • Select one of the two templates, either Italian or English, and click the green “Duplicate” button (red arrow as in image below).

Image 6

By doing so you will have duplicated texts and graphics of the template (red box as below image). Obviously, the duplication needs now being worked on in the new language, therefore

  • Click on the green button, circled in blue (as in the image below) and translate the object of the new language (everything but the code within {{ }} )
  • Then, click on editor, green button circled in purple, to open the document and translate all the text blocks in the new language
  • Save and send to yourself a send test

Image 7

Note: tasks such as verify text, photo and edit (possible with the editor, green button, blue arrow as in image 3as well as, the send test (button circled in green as on image 5) must be performed for each of the new created language. 

Your Welcome E-mail can be sent just after having performed those tasks. When in the section “Send” – in the green menu on the left, under “Status” –  appears as “verified”, then, it is ready to be sent (as in image 8, circled in black).

Image 8


Your document is finally ready. You now need to activate the service.

  • Marketing
  • "Welcome E-mail" in the menu on the left
  • In the middle of the page click on “Template Welcome E-mail”, in blue.
  • Click on the line where you find “disabled” until it is highlighted in blue
  • Click on the "Edit" button and you will see the white box as on the image below. Set or confirm how many days in advance from the arrival you want the newsletter to be delivered, place a flag in the enabled box (see red circle and red arrow in the image below) and save

Image 9


As per all Qualitando contents, you can:

1. Manually load the data into the platform to schedule when to send it (for example, every Monday morning load all arrival data until the next Monday)


2. In order to avoid any manual operation such as data loading to the platform for sending, verify with your sales reference person whether your booking manager system or online booking system is interfaced/set to send to Qualitando data of the bookings and related cancellations

  •  For manually loading data and scheduling the automatic sending at the right moment:
  • Menu on top, green label “Automatic Sending”
  • “Data Source” in the menu on the left
  • Box circled in red “Import recipients from files”
  • Download the sample master file for uploading manual data
  • About the Welcome E-mail, do not forget to fill in the check-in date, along with name, surname, e-mail address and language (these are necessary fields for the Welcome E-mail)
  • By uploading the file you scheduled to send the Welcome E-mail for a given period of time. Perform the operation periodically with a fixed time

Image 10