For each questionnaire in your QBox different kinds of notifications are sent to users authorized to work in the QBox (if you do not remember how to authorize new users or revoke access permissions, please read our article "Users and Permissions").

When you grant access to a new collaborator, for each questionnaire in the QBox the system defaults the following notifications:

  • Every Monday weekly statistics of compilations received in the previous week
  • Every first of the month monthly statistics of the filled in questionnaires received in the last month
  • In the evening daily summary of the filled in questionnaires received during the day
  • Alert anytime a filled in questionnaire has received negative score.

If you wish to edit or supplement the above list, here it is what you need to do:

You are in QBox Home, go to the entry "Questionnaires" in the menu on top, and enter the questionnaire that you are interested in by simply clicking on it.

Then work in the menu on the left

- Configure

- Notifications

Here you will find a list of all of whom have been authorized to operate in your QBox. Select the user for whom you need to change the notifications, and click on the "Edit" button above the list.

Once you have done it, a window – like the one in the image below – will open, from/on which you can remove and flag each notification according to your needs.

Please kindly be reminded that, if in your QBox you have more than one questionnaire, and you want these changes to be applied to all of them, then you need to enter in each of them and update each individually.