This feature allows you to keep in touch with your customers, automatically sending them a greeting message for their birthday, either on the same day, or a few days before.

Following steps:

How to activate the "Happy Birthday" service?

  • Access your Q-Box
  • Select "Marketing" in the menu on top
  • Select "Happy Birthday" in the menu on the left
  • Click on the "Activate now the Happy Birthday service” button

Image 1

Service configuration

Once the service is activated, you will see the panel that allows you to manage the settings.

Image 2

The two rows you see in the table represent two different ways to send automatically two different email texts:

A) Greeting message without discount voucher: a simple text of greetings with no customization, which does not require any customization.

B) Greeting card with a discount voucher: in addition to wishing happy birthday to your customer, you can also offer a "gift" such as a special discount to book a stay, or a dinner at your facility. This text must necessarily be customized, before being enabled to be automatically sent.

How to interpret the two lines of image no. 2?


The first line says that the automatic delivery of the text without any discount voucher (Text A Image 3) is enabled ("Automatic Send Status" column) and that the email will be sent to the customers on the exact day of their birthday (column "days in advance")

The second line says that the automatic delivery of the email including the discount voucher (text B image 3) is disabled ("Automatic Sending Status" column) and, that, once enabled, the message will be sent 10 days before the birthday (column "days in advance")

Why sending the message without any discount voucher is active right away? 

The text without any discount voucher (A) contains a standard greetings message that does not require any special customization, therefore it can be sent to customers right away. The text including the discount voucher (B), instead, requires a modification to customize the gift that you wish to offer to your customers.

Do have I to activate both texts?

No. You can decide to either activate both texts, or just one. And you can set when to send each of them.


Preview of the sample without any discount voucher (A)

Preview of the sample with the discount voucher (B)

Image 3

Editing texts

By clicking on the title of the text that you find in the configuration table introduced in the previous paragraph (image 2), you will be directed to the section that allows you to visualize/edit the texts of the greeting messages.

Image 4

As you can see in the image, each of the text automatically created there are both versions in Italian and English (the latter is a professional translation). If you wish you can add more translations in other languages.

In this page you will be able to:

  • Preview the text that will be sent to your customers (black arrow)
  • Modify the subject of the message (red arrow)
  • Modify the text of the message (green arrow)
  • Duplicate the text of the message (purple arrow). This feature is particularly useful if you wish to manage more languages, as it allows to copy – for example – the Italian text, and leaving the  formatting and images as they are originally, and just modifying the texts, writing them in the preferred language.

When modifying a text, keep in mind that:

  • Any changes made must be applied also to the other translations in different languages.
  • Anything written within braces {{ }} is texts that during the sending phase will be directly customized by our system. Do not delete or, at least, ask your Qualitando consultant reference person before doing it.

Before proceeding with the activation of the automatic sending service it is necessary to check each text through a test sending:

  1. click on “test sending” (column “Status” – image 4)
  2. Insert the email address to which the test message will be sent
  3. A window will open asking if the text is ready to be sent. Do NOT press anything, check your email inbox and check that the text is correct
  4. If everything looks correct then click on “Yes, the text is ready” in the window. If not, then click on “No, I need to make more changes” if you want to further modify it.

Enabling the automatic sending service

1. Click the Marketing button at the top of the platform (circled in red)

2. Menu on the left, Happy Birthday button (circled in pink)

3. Select which template you want to enable the sending automation until it is highlighted in blue (in such case it is marked by the green arrow)

4. Click on the Edit button

5. The highlighted dialog box will open in the green box.

6. Select "Enabled", optionally change the number of how many days in advance you prefer the message to be sent, and confirm by pressing "Save Changes"

Image 5

You will have confirmation that the sending automaton is active when you see an image such as the following one: as you can see, no message is displayed in red, no alert. Templates are verified and enabled.

Image 6

Who will receive your greeting messages?

All the customers within your Qualitando customers’ list of whom the data “Date of birth” has been provided.

You can see who and how many they are in the Qualitando Customers’ list (“Q-box Home” in the menu on top, then in “Customers list” in the menu on the left).

How does the column “Date of Birth” get filled?

  • Thanks to the interface with your management system, in case this data is provided.
  • Through the Post Experience Questionnaire of Qualitando Hotspot, if the “Date of Birth” has been included within the list of data to provide
  • Manually uploading an excel file containing two columns: date of birth and email address. Where to upload? See red arrow image 7.

Image 7