What is the QR Code?

The QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that, compared to traditional barcodes, can contain much more information.

Example of QR Code:

Why use the QR code?

By making use of the smartphone camera it is possible to replace a complex action (such as typing an articulated web address) with a very simple one. How? By simply framing the QR Code with your smartphone, and, through the help of one the free downloadable applications, reading the QR Code and reaching specific Questionnaire.

The application will automatically open on the Welcome page of the Questionnaire ready to be filled in.

How do I create the QR Code of My Questionnaires?

Qualitando automatically generates a QR Code for each of your Questionnaires. In the " Questionnaire Home" you will find the link to the corresponding QR Code.

In which way shall I use the QRcode?

Normally, QR Codes are used on business brochures, products, totems and trade fairs, business cards, ...

The QR Code's goal at Qualitando is to increase the percentage of your questionnaire compilation, maximizing the number of people to whom it will be presented. In fact, there are certain situations when it is not possible to obtain the customers’ email address to send them the Questionnaire, and that’s when the QR Code can be a valid ally.

You could – for example – insert it in the folder that participants will receive during the meeting you've organized or insert it in advertising media tools such as flyers and business cards. 

Thanks to the QR Code you will be able to intercept/reach Customers to whom would otherwise be difficult to submit your Questionnaires.