In case you’ve chosen to offer an incentive, you can select the type of code that will be sent to the customers after they have filled the questionnaire in

Automatic Generation (always different): after filling the Questionnaire in, the customer will receive an email with a code automatically generated by Qualitando. The code – different for each customer – will be alphanumeric, and entitles a certain benefit, or discount, and may be redeemed at the time of booking by contacting the booking office of the hotel/facility/business;

Manual Imput (fixed code): by selecting the second entry in the "Auto Generation” drop-down, you can select the “Fixed Manual Input" option. Next, after selecting this option, you will need to choose a fixed code (ie. Happy2018) and place it in the appropriate field. Then click the “save” button at the bottom of the page. In this case, after having filled the questionnaire in, the customer will receive – via email – the fixed code, the same code chosen in the step just described. In the email it will be specified that that code entitles the client to a specific benefit or discount that can be redeemed at the time of booking, or by contacting the booking office of the facility/business.

Alternatively, by inputting the code in the online booking engine of the hotel/facility/business (In which case, it goes without saying, that you will not have to worry about associating to that code – in the booking engine – the discount/benefit promised in these steps. Do not forget to perform this operation!)


You will still be in the Questionnaire window, menu on the left,

Click on "Texts" and select the "Post compilation email with incentive delivery"!

You will be given a basic text that you can customize as you prefer, making sure that the conditions for the customer to enjoy the special voucher/discount, are clearly explained. Just as clear should be the channels of request (send an email to ... or insert the code on the online booking system for which the link is xy...).

You will find the Html codes in the email body (codes that you will recognize as they are listed within braces {{ }}. The Html codes are the only fields which MUST NOT be neither deleted nor modified: it is the html codes that allow you to enter the discount code in the body of your email, in both options, either if you selected the option "Automatic generation (always different)" or the "Manual input (fixed) one".

Reminder: if you make any changes to the text, you will have to go to the ‘Translations’ to update it in each the other language versions.