This guide is about how to find social network URLs and review portals to add to Qualitando in order to best configure your Q-Box.

Before analyzing each single case / portal, we start with some general indications:

Rule number 1: To get the address of a specific social or portal page, you need to go to your business page on that portal or social, and copy the URL that appears in your browser bar.

Rule number 2: Once you have copied the URL, verify that it is correct by pasting it to a new tab in your browser (preferably in anonymous / private mode) and clicking submit. If your business page opens the address is correct, and you can paste it into the appropriate field on the configuration page of your Q-box that you find following the path:

"Home Q-box" in the top menu, and then "Configure" and "Settings" in the left menu (Image 1).

Image 1

In the "Settings" section you will find the "Social networks and review portals" section (image 2) where you can enter the social network URLs (red arrow).


Image 2



Go to and, in the search bar type the name and location of your business. Once you found it click on it. Then, on the search browser you’ll find the URL that you need to copy and paste on Qualitando (red box – image 3).

Image 3


Click here: Google Places API , and, in the search bar, type the commercial data in the box ‘Insert a place’ on the upper side of the map.

In the list that will appear click on your company name. You will find your ID under the name of your business/company (image 4).

Image 4

Now, check your ID in the box that opens when you set your position on the area dedicated to Google Local Guides.


As you probably know, Holidaycheck allows reviews to just German language travellers (including Austrians and Swiss), and Polish language. The web address of the portal is different depending on the language of origin. Below we provide you with the instructions both for Germans and Austrians (same modus operandi, but different reference URL) and for Polish people. Choose the market most important for you (on Qualitando you will be able to just add one URL) and, please, follow the related instructions.

For German and Austrian Customers

Depending on your major target of the market, go to or to

Enter the name and location of your business in the search bar and search.  

When you have found it, click on “Bewertung abgeben” (“leave review” - red box image 5) and you will reach the page where to leave a review (image 11).

Copy the whole URL and paste it on Qualitando (Red box -image 6).

Image 5

Image 6

For Polish Customers

Go to and, in the search bar enter the name and location of your business and search.

When you have found it, click on “Ocen Hotel” (red box - image 7) and you will reach the page where to leave a review (image 8).

Image  7

Copy the whole URL and paste it on Qualitando (Red box -image 8).

Image 8


Log in to Facebook. Search for your business page. First make sure you have enabled/allowed reviews.
Click on REVIEWS on the menu on the left. In the browser bar you will find the URL to copy and paste on Qualitando (in the red box - image 9).
                       Image 9


We recommend that every time you enter a new social network or a review portal, to perform re-addressing tests to verify that everything works properly.

Enter a post-experience questionnaire in the Configure section, you will find the "Preview" entry. Proceed with filling the questionnaire in and see where you will be directed by clicking on the "Proceed" button, at the end of the questionnaire.